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Solutions for private events of under 40 people: a downtown San Francisco venue, event services, and a sharp collection of rentals.

Garbage Disposals for Event Venues or Homes


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Garbage Disposals for Event Venues or Homes

Jen Wu

We have installed two garbage disposals at Cookhouse, one 10 years ago and another a few years ago, and they're still both in use. There's a huge difference between them in price and experience. The first one, by Franke, is powerful enough to break down chicken bones, has never broken, doesn't get smelly, and can be run quietly in the middle of an event - even though it's located in the middle of our kitchen event space! The second one, an Insinkerator, has a top-flap design that needs constant maintenance to deter flies from settling in, has broken a number of times, and makes harsh sounds - it's in the butler's pantry so it doesn't disturb guests.

3 Tips:

  • If you've got leftover lemons or lime slices, throw them into the disposal after you're done cleaning everything else for a nice fresh scent.

  • Or, use Earth Enzymes. We renovated the plumbing a few years ago, and our plumber noted that our old pipes looked like brand new shiny copper on the inside. Given that we're a kitchen that sustains heavy use, I'd credit using Earth Enzymes after every event. It also gets rid of odors and discourages flying insects from hanging out in garbage disposals. Home kitchens would probably need to use it much less often, but it is helpful in prevention of gunk and grease buildups before they become problems.

  • Get an Alligetter! It's so helpful for when you've got a cherry pit or bottlecap that somehow made its way into the disposal. It's cleverly designed with a little light and a ring to hold the top flaps open so you can find the item. Then, you just use the serrated pinchers to get it out, without endangering your fingers.