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Solutions for private events of under 40 people: a downtown San Francisco venue, event services, and a sharp collection of rentals.


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The Magic of Floral Tape

Jen Wu

Here's a neat trick professional florists use. Floral tape creates a grid at the opening of your vase, so that stems stay where you want them, for lush and full-looking arrangements.

This helps you avoid flowers leaning off to the side with a big space in the middle, top-heavy flowers (like the peonies shown) from falling out of the vase, or your arrangement from shifting. Essentially, it's the floral equivalent of fashion tape. 

Did you know you can rent vases from us, and that it comes with a floral kit including floral tape, shears, and a knife? (Probably not, because we haven't added the vases to our Rentals Collection yet. They're coming soon, we promise! In the meantime, please inquire.) If you'd like to arrange flowers to your event, as many do, these are some reasons why it's helpful to rent them:

  • No need to buy a whole bunch of vases you'll only use once and then have to store away
  • Floral kit including tools and supplies that you don't have to buy
  • Great selection of vases specific to dinner parties (the kind that lets you see and talk with the person across the table from you)

Here's how to use floral tape:

Many thanks to Anna Hoffman from Loop Flowers & Event Arts, who taught us this tip and many more at her Floral Design Class!