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253 Columbus Avenue
San Francisco, CA, 94133
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Solutions for private events of under 40 people: a downtown San Francisco venue, event services, and a sharp collection of rentals.

Additional Fees

Wondering what your bill will look like? Or if there are additional taxes and fees? Here are answers these questions and more.

TL;DR: Taxes and fees are included, and gratuity is not necessary.

Additional Fees


Fees for tax, gratuity, and additional options

Wondering what other charges may apply, other than the cost of the venue?


Our reservation cost includes all taxes and fees for our service. There is no tax or SF Health Mandate on the venue or Cookhouse Event Assistants, but 8.50% SF sales tax is applied to in-house beverages.

Other staff that you may hire yourself, such as chefs and florists, will likely add tax to their services.


Gratuity is not mandatory nor expected by Cookhouse staff. We don’t like doing math while drinking wine, and assume you don’t either.

But, if you insist, anything you wish to tip is gratefully accepted for Cookhouse event coordinators, Event Assistants, and dishwashers. You can tip in cash at the event or we can add it to your invoice. If you're hiring your own staff, please check with them directly.


You're not required to hire staff for your event. Some guests choose to have catering dropped off or bring ingredients and cook together. If you'd like help hiring staff, we have a few options: referrals, packages, and custom event planning. We also offer Event Assistants for help during your event. 


All of the basic serveware, cookware, flatware, and glassware, as well as furniture, custom setup, and cleanup, is included in your reservation of Cookhouse. If you have a certain theme for your event, need specific cooking equipment, or just want a larger variety of serveware, check out our collection of rentals.


You're welcome to bring your own beverages if you'd like; BYOB is $10 per 750ml of wine - that’s a standard bottle size - of wine, or 72oz - that’s a standard six-pack - of beer. You'll also have access to our in-house beverages during the event, so you can open whatever you like then or pre-order beverages to ensure we’ll have enough stocked and chilled for your group. Either way, you'll only be charged for what you open. Please inquire for keg BYOB prices and note that hard liquor is not permitted - wine and beer only.

Incidentals and Overages

To avoid these, be sure to read your signed Terms of Service carefully, and make sure you - or a trustworthy representative that has also read the Terms of Service - are onsite throughout the event. Charges listed on the Final Balance are based on the Terms of Service and are non-negotiable, but you are welcome to ask us if you need clarification on them. It is never our intention to “get” you with any charges, and we make every effort to be clear and upfront about costs. 


To help you budget, costs listed on a Final Balance typically include: 

  • Reservation cost

  • Time overages, if applicable

  • In-House beverages, if any

  • BYOB fees, if any

Popular additions include:

  • Event Assistance, optional

  • Vendors (such as a chef), optional

  • Event Planning, optional

  • Rentals, optional

If you'd like help putting together a general estimate, email us at