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253 Columbus Ave
San Francisco, CA


Solutions for private events of under 40 people: a downtown San Francisco venue, event services, and a sharp collection of rentals.

About Rentals



rentals for SMALL events

with PERSONALIZED service


bonus: not ugly


Rentals for Cookhouse reservations

If you have an event booked at Cookhouse and would like additional items, you can rent them here or ask us to add them to your existing invoice. We'll have them onsite, clean, and ready (and we'll pre-polish glassware) for you at the start of your event.

Rentals for offsite events

You can rent our wares for use outside of Cookhouse, with delivery and pickup to your location in the Bay Area, pickup and dropoff in San Francisco, or get delivery via UberRUSH.


Request a QUOTE, or order ONLINE?

Contact us for a quote (Here's the link) for:

  • Deliveries outside of San Francisco County
  • Large orders
  • Rentals by the week
  • Orders that include items you want to purchase
  • Last-minute orders

Order online (here's the link) if all of the following apply:

  • Small orders of a few types of items
  • The event is at least a week away
  • You would like delivery/pickup within San Francisco County, or to pick up and drop off
  • You don't require Event Assistants



By renting from us using our site, you agree to the following terms.

ordering & charges

  • You may order using our website or by calling or emailing us with a list of items to start a quote. If you prefer a quote, 50% of the rental amount will be charged as a Deposit; the Balance will be charged to your card after return of the items.
  • The listed rental charge is for 72 hours from the time it is delivered to your location or picked-up from us until the time it is picked up at your location or dropped off with us. After this, each rental not returned is automatically renewed again for another 72 hours. After 3 renewals, we will consider any unreturned items to be purchased. For shipping (U.S. only), please request a quote for rentals by the week instead of 72 hours.
  • For rentals by the week instead of 72 hours (including any shipped rentals), please request a quote instead of renting online.
  • Cancellations within 0-3 days of your event and no-shows will be charged for the full Balance. Booked items may not be postponed to a later date. Ordered products and services, whether you use them or not, will be included on the Final Balance.

Standard of Service

  • Our glassware comes buffed before packing and are ready-to-use.  
  • Soft scratches and hard spots may exist on items, but we will not pack broken or defective items.
  • We inspect items prior to packing them. Despite best efforts, there is risk of damage during transport. If an item is damaged prior to our delivery to you, take a picture of it in its original packaging upon discovering it.

Use & Care

  • Wash and dry items. Plates: rinse so that there is no food left on them (no need to sanitize). Glassware: empty and quick-rinse. Drip or wipe dry. It doesn’t need to be perfect, but this way is the easiest way to prevent mold and pests. Carefully return them to the cases using any provided linens as padding. Leave the sanitizing and polishing to us.
  • Items missing or returned damaged beyond normal wear & tear will be charged at purchase price. For everyone’s safety, do not pack any broken items.
  • There is no charge for packing equipment and materials unless they are returned damaged or missing.

Transport/Event Assistants

  • For pick-up/drop-off at our location: We'll email you to arrange a time for pickup and dropoff. If not you, let us know the name of the person picking up and dropping off on your behalf.
  • For delivery ($200 order minimum) and pickup: Inside San Francisco County, delivery and pickup is $49 round-trip. Otherwise, delivery and pickup is charged at $1 per minute. Time starts when we start driving with a loaded vehicle to when we finish unloading. All items should be packed and stored in an accessible place for pickup to avoid additional charged time.
  • All items should be packed and stored in an accessible place for pick-up to avoid additional charged pick-up time.
  • You may also add the services of one or more Event Assistants who can help unpack and set up your items before your event, serve food & drinks, clean and organize during your event, and pack up after your event. Event Assistants do not cook. Event Assistants are $55-$85 per hour and the minimum for an Event Assistant is 4 hours.

Liability Waiver

Basically, you attest that you know how to use the things you are renting. We are not liable for accidents.

In consideration for renting and utilizing equipment, decor, and other property from Cookhouse LLC (hereafter collectively the “Property”), I, my guests, and hired guests (collectively “Guests”) hereby understand and agree to this Liability Waiver and to the terms hereof:

  1. Guests will take full responsibility for, and hold harmless Released Parties for any injury that Guests may suffer or inflict upon others or their property as result of use of the Property. Guests agree to operate the said Property in a reasonable and safe manner so as to not endanger the health or lives of persons or property of any individual. 
  2. Guests hereby release and discharge Cookhouse LLC, all its officers, directors, principals, elected officials, agents, independent contractors, employees, instructors, volunteers, sponsors, their insurers and each and every equipment and land owner, all persons upon whose property the Activities are conducted and their insurers, if any (collectively “Released Parties”), from any and all liability, claims, demands, or causes of action that Guests may hereafter have or injuries and/or damages arising out of my use of the Property, including but not limited to losses caused by the negligence of Released Parties. 
  3. I represent that I am at least 18 years of age, or that as the parent or (adult) legal guardian, I waive and release any and all legal rights that may accrue to me, to my minor child or to the minor child for whom I am an (adult) legal guardian, as the result of any injury that my minor child, the minor child for whom I am (adult) legal guardian or I may suffer while using the Property.